How to overcome fear and overwhelm to reach your goals + A Free goal planner!

Goals are what dreams are made of. That and a couple dashes of hustle and heart. 


Us solopreneurs have lofty dreams and aspirations; That's why we're here, carving out our own little slice of the internet with our services, products, and offerings. 


As a small business owner, I know that the daily to-do list can quickly become overwhelming. With so many moving parts to a website, social media and marketing, sometimes it's easier to just push tasks to the back burner and hit up Facebook instead. (What kind of pizza am I quiz? Um, don't mind if I do!)

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Blog Design Terminology You Need to Know

When it comes to design for your blog, I am huge Do-It-Yourself advocate. If you have never designed anything before or are just starting out, some aspects of design might seem daunting and a little intimidating. Let me tell you. You. Can. Do. It.

I'm going to help get you started on this grand D-I-Y quest, by equipping you with some basic design terminology to help you navigate all the awesome (and often free!) design resources that you can find online.

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Do You Need Stunning FREE Stock Photos for Your Blog?

When creating content for your site, you take care to write quality posts chock full of delicious and helpful information. Making sure you give your graphics that same attention is so important!

Your post images are the first thing to draw in your readers - they need to be on point and eye catching!
Since photos are an integral part of any website, you're going to need them often and that calls for variety and quantity. So where can you find these little beauties?

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