Are You Afraid of Boring Fonts on Your Blog?

You found the perfectly styled stock photo. You created an amazingly eye-catching color palette. You penned a clever title and composed it with ... Comic Sans?


Oh no! Friends don't let friends use basic fonts!

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Beautiful design goes beyond the stock image, the color palette and the reader grabbing title. You NEED interesting and consistent fonts!

Choosing fonts doesn't have to leave you limited to the basic stuff that came installed on your computer. But where do you find interesting AND free (or cheap!) fonts? I'll tell you where!


Check out some of my favorite sources for commercial use fonts and start creating more interesting and consistent images!


Font Squirrel is my absolute favorite source for FREE commercial use fonts. Font Squirrel has these handy little symbols next to each font to signal where commercial use might be allowed.


They also a really cool font identifier feature. See a cool font somewhere and you just have to know what it is? Plug it into the 'Matcherator' and it will work its magic to identify the font for you.


Font Spring advertises 'worry free, perpetual font licensing for everyone.' They do a fantastic job outlining the proper usage for the fonts listed on their site, just like, because they are sister sites!

While Font Spring is a font marketplace, they do offer affordable fonts, as well a free font section found here.


Creative Market is just that - a marketplace for graphic elements. While there are tons and tons of reasonably priced graphic elements listed for sale on Creative Market, they do also have freebies!

Check back every Monday to download their free offerings. While the free items change every week, fonts are sometimes listed as a freebie, so make sure you keep an eye out every Monday!


Lost Type is a font foundry co-op. They offer amazing fonts that come with a pay-what-you-want price for personal use, and very affordable pricing for commercial use. Check them out for simply amazing and unique fonts!


MyFonts is another great font marketplace. You can search through all kinds of interesting fonts, many listed at affordable prices. You can also find some free fonts on MyFonts here.


Sellfy is another digital goods market that offers free elements, including fonts - You can check them out here. They offer tons of delicious components, so try not to get lost in all their fun offerings if you're just looking for fonts!

Make sure when you purchase or download a font for commercial use, you take the time to read the usage license agreement. To protect yourself, your blog and your work, it's important to use fonts correctly.


In the comments below, tell me your favorite free font!

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