Brand Guide: What is it and Why You Need One!

You put a lot of work into your blog. You spend time creating and styling awesome content. Keeping that content consistent plays a key role in engaging and retaining your readers.

You want your blog and brand identity to be consistent so your audience immediately recognizes your work. This is where brand guides come in my friend!

Brand Guide: What it is and why you need one! Pinned Pixel

Brand guides, sometimes referred to as brand boards, brand style guides or brand identity, are the collection of design elements specific to your sweet, sweet brand.

As a point of reference, you can always refer to your brand guide to follow consistent design in all of your work. Let's talk about some of the main components of a brand guide



One of the first things a reader will see on your site is your logo. It represents you, your blog, all of your content and your overall brand. It's one of the main graphic elements that readers use to associate you and your brand.

Besides a main logo, some brands also use an alternate logo or submarks. These are simply variations of a main logo.

They're helpful when you want to use your logo in a different format, such as printed designs or as a watermark for images.

These can be as simple as a logo in a different color, shape or even a version created from one element or icon from your main logo.

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Having consistent colors is super important for readers to keep your brand in their brains, so being able to use the exact colors for your brand every time is key.

Including Hex codes on your style guide takes all the guess work out of your color palette. Hex codes are a set of numbers and letters that identify exact colors for coding languages. (HTML, CSS.)

Tell your computer the EXACT color you want to use because "a light salmon pink" just won't do the job.

For color inspiration, check out the color palettes here!

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Using specific fonts is another tool for creating brand consistency. Too many fonts and changing fonts can confuse your readers and their eyes.

Being able to read your content comfortably in the same fonts will help create trust and maintain your audience. You don't want reading your content to become a painful chore for your readers!

Search for FREE fonts for your blog here!

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Assets on a brand guide might include icons, patterns, textures, graphic elements, photos, and patterns. Anything that you will consistently use throughout your website and designs.

Reusing these items will only strengthen your brand identity and help readers quickly and easily identify your brand.

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I can't say it enough: Consistency is the number one reason to create and keep a branding guide.

It will keep all of your work and designs cohesive, and will link all of your content to you and your website. You want your readers to know and trust you! Readers are our friends, let's treat them that way!

Whether you are the brilliant mastermind creating content designs, or you hire someone to help you - Using a branding guide will leave you confident that your brand is being represented in a consistent way, every time.


Show me your brand guides in the comments below!

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