Coffee & Hustle Mood Board

Coffee is a natural inspiration, right? When I saw this pretty blue mug of happiness, it spoke right to my heart. And to my coffee addiction. 

Two of my favorite things, coffee and color, come together on this mood board in one chill, caffeinated collaboration.

Coffee & Hustle Mood Board / Pinned Pixel

All of the images used in this mood board are free stock photos that you can use too! If you'd like to download them for your own hustle, here's the list:


Store sign, girl, coffee building, light fixture, coffee mug, ask more questions.


If you need help about where to find even more free stock photos for your own blog and projects, check out this post here.


Here at Pinned Pixel, the goal is help and empower bloggers to create their own beautiful graphics. To be confident and proud of what they create. This board embodies the spirit of the message here:


Be confident of Yourself. Be confident in your Hustle.

I'd love to see how you use this color palette and free stock images! Leave a link in the comments below to your creation!