50 Free Workspace Themed Stock Photos for Bloggers

Many moons ago, when I first started creating Pinterest graphics, there was only one website I used to find free stock photos.


It was rough. The quality of the images wasn’t that great and variety was limited. But the images were commercial use, and I learned to live happily ever after with what I had. I spent countless hours searching for just the right image. I’m sure you know the dilemma of having to sort through dozens of open tabs. Ugh.

50 Free Workspace Themed Stock Photos for Bloggers / Pinned Pixel

Over time, more and more websites started offering amazing free stock photos. There was variety and high resolution. It was free stock image heaven and a trend I was totally on board with.

With this explosion of options, there was an apparent downside.

More options meant more time searching.


I know how much work goes into a blog. Your time gets divided between creating content, managing social media, seo research … the list of things that eat up your time is endless. Sifting through thousands of images doesn’t have to be on that list!


I’ve compiled a list of 50 fantastic, commercial use, workspace themed stock images for you to use on your blog.


These images are perfect for social media graphics, hero or banner images and anything else your blogger heart might desire. Happy editing!



Click on the image to visit the download page.


Which of these free stock images have inspired you?

I'd love to see how you've used these photos, link to your project in the comments below!