How to be Good at Failing

Pinned Pixel is an expression of my love for design and creating. A place where my creativity has the freedom to live and thrive. Before Pinned Pixel was realized though, it was A website that ultimately did not feel like the right fit, and sadly faded away.

This is the story of how my failed blog helped make way for my true passions, and how that flop wasn't really a failure at all.

How to be Good at Failing / Pinned Pixel

When I set out to turn my passions into a blog, I never imagined how powerful my mistakes could be. I don't think anyone really wants to imagine failure though.

The vision that I had for Blog Folk seemed solid enough. I immersed myself in learning about how to teach others through a blog. I read countless blog posts, downloaded a ridiculous amount of blogging worksheets, and thought that I locked down the right niche for myself.

I spent months designing the branding, the voice, the feel and content for blogfolk. Countless hours working on social media accounts, content plans and the website itself. I felt passionate about what I was doing, but terrified of launching. There were so many unknowns.


What if it wasn't good enough? What if no one liked me? What if no one hears me?


Here's a point that's important to me. I was terrified to launch, but at some point you have to just jump. Thinking about all of my projects, and almost everything I've done in my life, fear is what holds me back. Jumping out there into the internet world and saying 'Hey, I'm here!' was something I wanted to do but holy moly I had no chill about it.


But jumping into the unknown was how you make things happen.


So I launched. It was still scary but I lived. And it was exciting! I think that it's important to remember that it's okay to fear. I would say it's even a bit essential. To have some fear keeps us grounded and mindful of both good and bad possibilities. I think the biggest mistake, the one that I made, is to let the fear consume you.

After launching, I realized almost immediately that Blog Folk wasn't on the right path. I didn't really want to teach about blogging. Now what?

I tried to make it work, but it felt forced and I wasn't happy. I slowly let Blog Folk fade into the distance and sulked about the website's collapse. I begin to doubt my ability to even run a website. I spent a few months with this failure on my shoulders but held onto the small thought that it wasn't over. I just needed a new direction.

I made a small pivot and tried to focus more on teaching about images and graphics and creating more of my own designs. It felt more natural to me. But I felt locked into branding that didn't feel right for my purpose or content.

And Pinned Pixel was born. It felt awesome! it felt right! I developed the branding and the things I wanted to accomplish and was on my way.

I'm happy with where Pinned Pixel is, and what it stands for. I happy with what I've created so far. I recently launched my first product for sale and am proud as heck!

Will it always feel right? Maybe, maybe not. But I've learned that that's okay. A failed website isn't what defines me. And it certainly isn't a failure. I think that for me, what defines me is my drive. Quitting all the things I strive for seems like the real defeat.


So just keep going.

And if you fall, remember that you can always get back up again.


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