How to overcome fear and overwhelm to reach your goals + A Free goal planner!


Goals are what dreams are made of. That and a couple dashes of hustle and heart. 


Us solopreneurs have lofty dreams and aspirations; That's why we're here, carving out our own little slice of the internet with our services, products, and offerings. 


As a small business owner, I know that the daily to-do list can quickly become overwhelming. With so many moving parts to a website, social media, and marketing, sometimes it's easier to just push tasks to the back burner and hit up Facebook instead. (What kind of pizza am I quiz? Um, don't mind if I do!


Sidestepping tasks doesn't get us any closer to our dreams & goals. Making plans, mapping them out, and taking action does. That bit of bold text is pretty darn important. Hint hint, wink wink.

How To Overcome Fear And Overwhelm To Reach Your Goals + FREE Goal Planner! - Pinned Pixel

Personal Roadblocks


I have a confession to make. I am a habitual procrastinator. Gasp! This bad habit gets in the way of my business all the time, and I am actively trying to overcome it. It definitely takes me putting in the work of planning and organizing to get past this.


A good portion of my procrastination can probably be qualified as "stalling out." I get caught in the fear trap: Questioning the helpfulness and quality of my work and content. Obviously, sitting around in my jammies watching YouTube doesn't help anyone, and helping other entrepreneurs is the numero uno goal here at Pinned Pixel. Ugh, conflict.


Another roadblock I face personally, is perspective. I tend to think of reaching goals as getting from point A (where you are now) to point B (your goal) ... And sometimes it can be that simple. What I often forget to do when thinking about the goal, is looking at all the stuff between those two points. It's not always a straight ladder up; Sometimes it includes u-turns, and side quests! Gah!


So how do I push past the fear and perspective to get stuff done? Remember that bold sentence from above? That's how. Creating a clear and actionable path to the goal helps my mind focus on the task I'm working towards, all while ignoring the stuff that slows me down.


Let me show you how I break it down. 


How to Overcome Fear & Overwhelm to reach your goals + a free goal planner! - Pinned Pixel


I Like Big Goals & I Cannot Lie


I start with my big goals. Seems counter intuitive because big goals are just that: Big, and scary. But they don't have to be. We're gonna break them down into more accessible steps. 


  • Define what your main goal is and write it down. Don't let the size or time needed for completion hold you back. Your dreams and goals are yours to reach for, so be honest about what you're trying to achieve. This is your objective.


  • Stop and think about the why behind your goal. Do you want to earn a million dollars? Are you trying to gain a new skill? Are you trying to increase your social media followers? Think about the driving force behind your goals and write that down too. Why is important because it helps you remember and focus on how reaching this goal will benefit you. 


  • Think about the steps you need to take to reach that goal; What are the things you need to do to get there? Segment those tasks as small as you can, and write those down. Bite size work is easier on you and helps you stay on track without losing your marbles. These are your how. 


  • What do you need to do to prepare for these tasks? Are there apps or tools you need to line up before hand? People to contact? Content to write? Organization is key when working towards your goals - Write down as much as you can about the tasks and how to prepare for them. The more specific you are, the less likely you are to flounder around on a step wondering what to do next. Remember, clear instructions. 


  • When do you want to reach this goal? Try to be realistic when setting completion dates; Unrealistic time frames help no one. Start with your small tasks and give each one a date for completion. Once all your goal segments have completion dates, finish it off with a time frame for the main objective. Keep track of actual completion dates too; Seeing how long it took you to complete a task will help you prepare for the next goal planning session. What did you struggle with the most? What was easier than you thought and took less time? 


  • Once you have your entire goal mapped out, the next step is action. Start completing your smaller tasks! The road to success is paved with good intentions, but ACTION delivers you to the goal. I try to remind myself that all the planning ideas I have in my head may be great, but they still need to be acted upon. Try to focus on completing one smaller step at a time, and before you know it, ALL of the steps will be done. Goal reached, boo-yah! 


Creating clear direction for your goal will help eliminate distraction, unnecessary stress, and all the other yucky feelings we get when we face roadblocks. Minimizing larger goals by breaking them up allows us to focus on the smaller pieces of the puzzle. You’ll realize that you’ve completed one LARGE goal with ease. Big and scary isn't really scary anymore, it's handled! 


To make this process easier for you, I created a printable planner to help you map out your goal battle plan. (This freebie is also interactive & fillable!) Grab your free instant download and kick fear and overwhelm to to curb! Yes!


Goal Planner - Pinned Pixel

Ready to take action and grab those goals by the horns? 

Grab the Goal Planner as an Instant Download!



What big, not-really-so-scary goals are you working towards? Tell me in the comments!


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