I Love Spring Apparently Color Palette by Pinned Pixel

Though I'm not a fan of the bugs and allergies of the season, there's something special and renewing about spring. And I can't seem to get enough - The last color palette I created was also inspired by the spring season!

This week, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to create a color palette that reflected how I felt about the new growth I've been seeing outside. When I was searching for the right photo, I envisioned something light, airy and bright. The macaroons add the perfect amount of sweet for this springtime vibe I've been feeling.

Spring Time Vibes Color Palette / Pinned Pixel

All of the color palettes found on Pinned Pixel will include the source photo (free for commercial use!) as well as the HEX color codes.

Color Palette Source Photo / Pinned Pixel

You can find the source for this image here.


Light Grey: E4E8E9

Yellow: EBDB8D

Pink: DBCAC1

Green: 9EA265

Dark Grey: 101416


I would love to see how you use this palette; Leave a link to your project in the comments!