New Design Launch: Baking Icon Set!



If you haven't been able to tell already, I absolutely love icons. There's something about their innate simplicity that speaks right to my little designer heart. 

But recently I've been juggling around the idea to offer pre-made branding kits. There are so many great designs already available by amazing designers, and I wanted to make sure mine stood out. One solution to this was to create custom icons for each kit.

Baking Icon Set from

For a food blogger kit I created, I made six cute food-related icons. While seeking feedback from my sister (owner over at Packagery) she mentioned that she had hoped to see these as part of a bigger set in the future. 

And that's all it takes folks! If there's something you'd like to see, one little comment will get the ball rolling! 

Original Baking Icons@3x.png

The original six icons were the cake, muffin pan, spatula, mixing bowl, muffin, and measuring cup. The color palette was definitely not what you see today - Sweet feminine pinks and yellow would later become the modern blue and yellow scheme you see on these bad boys. Not just ladies enjoy baking! 

Baking Icon Set on Creative Market by Pinned Pixel

The Baking Icon Set come with AI/EPS/SVG/PNG file types for 3 different styles of icons. You'll get the line version, a color version, and a color with shading version. 

These are available over on Creative Market for only $10!

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