The Pinned Pixel Shop is Now Open!


Let me just happy dance my way into this blog post ...

I am so happy to announce that the Pinned Pixel resource shop is now open! Inside the shop, you'll find ready-to-go website icons, illustrations and custom icon coloring. There are future plans to add more resources such as templates (social media & PDF,) gradient overlays, pre-made branding packages, social media icons, and of course MORE ICONS! 


Tons of resources to help you design and elevate your brand. 

Pinned Pixel shop / Icons, Illustrations, templates & more

Creating resources to help other small business owners design their website or blog is such a huge passion of mine. When I started building my first website, I had such a hard time finding resources that matched my aesthetic AND were affordable. I think we should be able to have both, right?


This problem eventually led me to discover my love of designing, and I learned how to design the resources I needed on my own. But not everyone will feel that in their heart, or have the time to learn. We all have different paths and callings, and I'm fairly certain a large number of us wish for more time in a day ...  


Ultimately, my goal for the shop is for YOU to have access to high-quality design that fits into your branding without having to spend an arm and a leg. We all deserve to have brands that stand out and look good!



Ready to explore?


If there is a design resource that can help you design your blog or website, let me know in the comments what I can create for you! Feel free to also get in touch via the contact page!

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