Services Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all image and graphic creation services provided by Emily Goodyear of


Payments & Refunds

  • All custom work will be invoiced and processed through PayPal (You can pay directly with your PayPal account or with a Debit or Credit card through PayPal.)
  • Payment is required prior to the start of work on any project.
  • Payment received for image and graphic work cannot be refunded at any time due to the nature of the work and the amount of time needed to complete each request.

Privacy Policy for Purchases

  • Your information will only be used for legal and billing purposes, and for communication between myself about orders (email, address & telephone if applicable.)
  • Your information will be kept strictly confidential; It will not be sold, shared or given away.

Stock Photos & Commercial Use Licenses

  • Copyright ownership for images used from any paid stock website or any free stock image website, will remain with the respective websites.
  • Any client provided image must come with documentation (e.g. receipt for purchase of stock image) and/or the client assumes all responsibility for claims of image ownership, including permission from the rightful owner for appropriate use.
  • Photos from paid stock image websites are accepted for use in image creation, and purchase of paid stock photos is the responsibility of the client. Receipt of purchase is required.
  • If client provided images are discovered to be taken from a location that does not offer appropriate licensing for commercial use, the project will be terminated without a refund.
  • All photos, fonts and graphic resources used in image and graphic creation by Emily Goodyear are licensed for commercial use without attribution.

Client Responsibility

  • Titles must be provided at the time of order for all Images.
  • Failure to communicate in any way after 15 days will result in the termination of the project without a refund. Prompt communication is expected; Any unreasonable delays in communication could affect the original estimated time of delivery of projects.
  • Clients agree to allow image & graphic projects to be used for promotional purposes and to be displayed in Emily Goodyear's portfolios and otherwise must notify me (Emily Goodyear) of opting out.
  • Although I frequently check and respond to emails throughout the week, I do not work on weekends or holidays. Please take this into consideration when placing an order. Thank you!
  • All images or graphics requested will not include any brand imagery, photos, graphic elements, logos or text of any brand, other than the brand of the client, without permission from the brand.


  • Because of the limited amount of image creation slots available each week, clients may be subject to a waiting period for orders. Clients will be notified of availability prior to purchase.
  • One complete revision is included on all work prior to delivery; Revisions beyond one are subject to an additional fee starting at but not limited to $35. A complete revision includes the change of image selection and complete overall re-design.
  • Orders requested for delivery for 2 business days or less are subject to a rush fee starting at but not limited to $35.
  • Estimated times of delivery vary per project and will be communicated to the client during the purchasing process.
  • All images, including but not limited to social media graphics, icons and printables are created for free distribution by clients. Graphic work created by Emily Goodyear is not intended for resale unless an additional copyright license is purchased. Resale rights are not built into the purchase price.


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday

8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m (CST)

Closed for holidays


    *Services Terms & Conditions may change at any time.